Collection of Schools for Early Career Researchers in Particle Physics Instrumentation

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Date Event name Location

EURIZON detector school

Registration until 28.03.2023

Kutaisi, Georgia

ISOTDAQ 2023 - International School of Trigger and Data AcQuisition

Registration until 15.02.2023!


XV ICFA Instrumentation School

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India


Date Event name Location
13-24.06 GRIDS2022: Graduate Instrumentation and Detector School TRIUMF, Canada
13-23.06 ISOTDAQ 2022: International School of Trigger and Data AcQuisition Catania, Italy
01-03.06 EIROforum Topical Workshop on Robotics & Remote Operation remote
21-25.02 14th Terascale Detector Workshop remote


Date Event name Location
22.08-05.09 6th INFIERI School: Intelligent signal processing for FrontIEr Research and Industry Autonoma da Madrid, Spain


7th EIROforum School on Instrumentation remote
06-08.04 13th Terascale Detector Workshop remote


Date Event name Location
03-05.12 IEEE NPSS Workshop on Applications of Radiation Instrumentation remote
17-28.02 EDIT-2020 School: Excellence in Detector and Instrumentation Technologies DESY Hamburg, Germany
13-22.01 ISOTDAQ 2020: International School of Trigger and Data AcQuisition University of Valencia, Spain


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This list is maintained by Armin Ilg, Postdoctoral Resercher at the University of Zürich